Friday, 29 July 2011

6432 miles, some stamps and an idea

Did you know there are 6432 miles between New Delhi and Canberra? That is a long long way. And while New Delhi and Canberra are very different places....there are many things that are the same.  

The differences are obvious, as soon as you get out of the airport in New Delhi. The people - so many. The air - thick with that underlying heat (even at 4.30 in the morning). The colours - so vivid and bright. The chaos - so...well, chaotic!

And Canberra by contrast is still and quiet, the air crisp under the blanket of winter frost. The colours in Canberra a muted, a newer built city on a rural fringe - all greys and greens and wheat coloured browns.    

Our lives are very different too, living in theses capitals - but some things are the same. This project is about celebrating the similarities, and gaining comfort that this really is a small world. Watch us draw the similar... consistent threads of life, share it with you and then gift it to someone 6432 miles away.